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This is and always will be a work in progress. I will continue to add information as I come across it. I encourage you to add what you can to help give a fuller picture of all our ancestors.

I find it an interesting stroke of luck that any one of us are here to view these pages. Imagine, if you will, if one of our ancestors was removed from our family tree how many persons would not have been born. Each one of the persons listed in our family tree has a unique story to tell. You, too, can help with these stories by adding information that is missing from what you find here!

You are welcome to browse this website with the guest account although access to living persons will be restricted to anyone who is deceased. To use the guest account you should use Guest as the username and Tryit for the password. Full access requires a registered account.

If you are a family member and wish to have full access to this website, you need to register by using the Login or Register Button on the menu bar above. I may also give access to other approved individuals on a case-by-case basis. If you are new to this site you might want to start by reading through the Help and FAQ sections under the More Menu above. Also included in the More Menu are aids in understanding historical events, medical terms, and the like.

The Family Surname Cloud below displays the top 100 surnames in the database. The size of the name reflects how many persons have that surname. You can click on any surname and be taken to a list of persons with that surname.

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The availability of the above information depends on the input from all of us.

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Family Surname Cloud
Abbott Abernethy Albert Arvidsson Babb Bazinet Bemis Berry Bicknell Billings Bottino Bourdon Briggs Brown Brownell Brunetto Buck Burns Caron Child Clark Cloutier Davis Decoster Delano Deroche DeVary Dexter Dostie Douglass Evans Fisher Foster Fox Freese Gibbs Giboin Giguere Gilliam Gordon Grant Hall Hanneman Harnois Hatch Heinonen Holmes Hotchkiss Hurlbut Ingalls Irish Jackman Johnson Labrecque Langelier Libby Long Lucas Marshall Meade Mercier Merrill Miller Miyamura Morneau Murphy Nadeau Oldham Pennington Pote Quiner Quinn Racine Richardson Rivard Roosevelt Rowe Sachs Sargent Shaw Simopoulos Smith Snow Spence Stanley Steady Swift Taylor Thomas Thompson Tierney Tinkham Truett Turner Warren Watson West Wheeler Wilson Young

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We strive to document all of our sources in this family tree. If you have something to add, please let us know.